Veranex is the only truly comprehensive, global, tech-enabled service provider dedicated to the medical technology industry.

Offering expert guidance from concept through to commercialization and across the development continuum, Veranex enables accelerated speed to market, controlled development costs, development risk mitigation, and accelerated market viability assessment.

At every stage, Veranex customers realize efficiencies in cost and time, while our integrated and comprehensive solutions unify the entire development process. With Veranex as your end-to-end partner, you’re well-positioned to deliver the safest, most effective devices to improve outcomes to patients everywhere.

For a truly integrated and comprehensive solution for MedTech development, trust Veranex

Our History

In 2020 David Dockhorn, M.S., Ph.D., and Patrick Donnelly decided to fill a long-held gap in the MedTech industry. Bringing together the industry’s leading companies, they formed the first end-to-end, integrated service provider solely devoted to MedTech.

In June 2021 private equity firm Summit Partners acquired Boston Healthcare Associates, Ximedica, and Quartesian, rolling them into Veranex. Experien Group came on board in July 2021 and IMMR joined in October 2021.

Boston Healthcare is a leading consulting firm whose offerings include insights and analysis in reimbursement, pricing, health economics, market assessment, and business strategy.

Ximedica brings 30+ years of medical device product development experience, with specialized expertise in devices, diagnostics, drug delivery, and digital platforms.

Quartesian has provided customized clinical data services to MedTech companies since 2003.

Experien Group delivers expert medical device consulting in regulatory, quality, and clinical and data management, and well as support for biostatistics, medical writing, quality systems, and preclinical and clinical development.

IMMR is a leading preclinical sciences organization that provides preclinical research, pathology, and surgical training services to medical technology innovators.

Together, we provide medical device and diagnostic manufacturers as well as digital health and combination product developers best-in-class design and engineering, market access, data management, medical device evaluation, clinical, quality, and regulatory expertise to help them develop products that bring value to patients and providers worldwide.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission

To be the partner of choice for emerging and established medical technology innovators worldwide, delivering technology and service solutions from concept to commercialization.

Our Vision

To transform medical technology innovation that improves human health.

Our Values

Our values are the fundamental beliefs that are at the core of our culture. They guide our behaviors and our relationships with clients, suppliers, and other external stakeholders.

Our team members are self-aware, accountable, responsible, truthful, and consistent in their actions.

Everything we do is to further the betterment of people, valuing each person that we work with through our actions and ideas.

We value every team member’s contribution and are proud of the investment we make to realize our collective potential.

We are partners with our customers, and we listen and evolve together for the sake of our collective goal.

We are answerable for our actions and the actions of our teams.

Our Locations

For products that make a difference to patients worldwide, choose a global, end-to-end service provider purpose-built for MedTech.


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