Soumitra Chowdhury<i>, MBA</i>

Soumitra Chowdhury, Executive Vice President, Data and Analytics, is one of the co-founders of Quartesian and served as the chief operating officer of the company. He has 25 plus years of experience in clinical and market research. He has played a key role in building Quartesian’s infrastructure and a global value chain from the ground up. Under his leadership, Quartesian became the largest privately held data company in the world realizing yearly, double-digit revenue and EBITDA growth while building a diversified client base. To further the organizational growth, he successfully led the acquisition process culminating in Quartesian’s acquisition by Summit Partners/Veranex. Currently, Soumitra serves as executive vice president, data and analytics at Veranex. Soumitra is responsible for global project management, data management, biometrics, medical writing, central monitoring, pharmacovigilance, and overall data operations of the company.

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