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Amanda Briscoe
, SVP, Business Development
Lisa Carmel, EVP, Strategic Partnerships
Rob Kieval, EVP, Strategic Partnerships

Catch Amanda Briscoe on Tuesday, June 21st , 4.30-5.25pm
PANEL: Mapping Medtech Market Access: Understanding the dynamics between provider, patient and product for market entry

Point of care and patient centric products are growing in demand. While this has always been at the heart of healthcare, patients are  now looking to be more involved in their healthcare and the healthcare industry across the US is also looking for patients to adopt evermore new products and innovations to relieve healthcare systme pressure. But, in practice, how easily are these solutions being implemented and how are medtech players working with providers to develop the right market access play?

  • Understanding how the adoption journey differs depending on geographical market
  • Navigating local and national market access routes to benefit providers, payers and patients

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