Controlling Risk

With more than 700 patents during our 30 years of experience, minimizing our client’s risk is in our DNA. Our goal is maintaining complete control of your product design through manufacturing. We understand the importance of delivering on time and within budget.

Making the Right Product

Our human centered approach to user needs and optimization of use workflows create compelling and brand centric solutions.

We stay flexible and accountable to create products that are commercially viable with a human centered approach to user needs.

IVD & Life Science Development


Laboratory Automation & Consumables


Point of Care Systems


Rapid Molecular Analysis


Biomarker & Drug Discovery

Core Competencies


Microfluidics & Fluid Handling


Precision Thermodynamic Control


Optical Illumination and Detection


Robotics & Miniaturization

Accelerated RUO

Veranex’s agile RUO (Research Use Only) path delivers a viable product within 12 months. We work with companies of all sizes to reliably design and deliver instruments and consumables for clinical diagnostics and research.


In-Vitro Diagnostics

We offer complex instrument and consumable development, high throughput lab automation, In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Point-of-Care systems. Our diagnostics product development process has the rigor required by the FDA.

“The Veranex team immediately impressed me by their professionalism, responsiveness to changes in requirements such as shortening the timeline to delivery, and their attention to detail in designing a truly elegant system.”

Jack Regan, CEO -LexaGene

Experience the Veranex Difference