In this installment of our “Meet the Team” blog series, we talk to Jim Maciariello, General Manager of Product Design and Engineering (PD&E). We’ll get to know about his passion for technology and healthcare, as well as how he sees PD&E rising up to the challenges that our healthcare partners face. 

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I have a long history of dedicated experience in technology, product development, and business and organizational leadership. I began my career in product development in the telecom/datacom industry. Then, through a journey including start-ups and entrepreneurial pursuits, I eventually found a home in the product design and development services space. I arrived at Veranex after a long tenure at Plexus Corp, an engineering services and manufacturing organization focused on full product realization for customers in a diverse set of market sectors, including a significant focus in Healthcare and Life Sciences. During my career at Plexus, I held several senior leadership positions, including Vice President of Plexus’ Global Product Development and, most recently, Vice President of Global Customer Development and Operations.  My family and I make our home in Raleigh, NC where we are long-time residents and love the diversity of experiences the state has to offer. 

What inspired you to join Veranex?

I believe that Veranex is ahead of our industry competitors in recognizing the value of building and seamlessly delivering a unique set of services to the healthcare industry.  Our purpose and mission are challenging, but inspiring.  This is what initially created my interest in Veranex, but I am also excited to join at this early point in our company’s journey where all of us have a great ability to influence our future growth and success. 

Jim Maciariello Veranex

What Intrigues You the Most About Supporting Product Design and Engineering?

I have a passion for talent & technology and how that can be leveraged to enhance products and treatments for healthcare, ultimately improving patient outcomes and the lives of the people these products serve.  The challenge and opportunity to grow, develop, build, and deliver great solutions to our customers is what PD&E leadership is all about. 

What’s the most Interesting Aspect About Your Position at Veranex so far?

As I have started my site travels to meet the teams and learn about the organization, I’m pleased to learn about the great products and programs we are working on and witness the passion, commitment and depth of expertise of our teams.  The breadth of the services Veranex offers provides us with the ability to play in a lot of areas where our customers need help.  Finding the right strategies to build the right services, then integrating these into a seamless offering to win in the marketplace is a fun and interesting challenge.  I also appreciate the level of empowerment and support provided by the leadership to make this happen.  

What vacation destination are you dreaming of?

One of my favorite places in the world is the Amalfi Coast on the southern west coast of Italy.  My wife and I first visited for our honeymoon and fell in love with the people, culture and geography.  As we near our 20 year anniversary, we’re looking forward to another visit. 

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