As your MedTech concept-to-commercialization partner, our integrated approach will give you a clear line of sight to opportunity and risk across every stage of development, enabling you to deliver innovation that has a true impact in the marketplace.

With Veranex, your medical device development pathway is optimized to help you realize your innovation and growth objectives so you can deliver real advances in clinical care that make a difference for patients.

We have developed solutions designed to deliver real innovation that makes a difference based on more than 30 years of working with established global players and emerging innovators. Our solutions are specific to MedTech and are then custom-tailored to your business and your product. We help you improve the lives of patients everywhere by providing a single source solution that is unprecedented in the MedTech industry.

For a truly comprehensive solution from concept to commercialization, experience the Veranex difference.

Experience the Veranex Difference

MedTech development demands a complete understanding of how innovation advances from concept to reality. Veranex optimizes your development pathway with our comprehensive, technology-enabled solution, helping you meet your innovation objectives and deliver real advances that make a difference for patients.

Comprehensive: Innovation development — from concept generation to design, clinical development, launch, and commercialization

Optimized: Regulatory and market access expertise embedded throughout to mitigate risk and maximize innovation opportunity

Technology-Enabled: Through robust data management, informatics, and advanced analytics we make innovation efficient and effective

Create a compelling and executable product vision with a robust understanding of opportunities and risks. From technical feasibility to regulatory options and market access pathways, Veranex asks the right questions from the start, to help you define and prioritize concepts that will deliver real value.

Iterate prototypes, prove technical feasibility, and gather feedback to understand the user experience. We build our human-centered industrial design, digital product design, and human factors expertise into product solutions and experiences while giving you visibility into investment risk and opportunity.

Accelerate your R&D with efficient and full service medical device evaluation that is fully aligned with your clinical development and regulatory strategy. From early feasibility through to GLP studies supporting worldwide regulatory approvals, Veranex brings clinical and procedure expertise to your preclinical program in FDA inspected and validated facilities.

Define a clinical strategy that will meet the needs of the range of healthcare stakeholders, from regulatory agencies to clinicians and payers. Veranex helps you implement a fully integrated clinical strategy accelerating time to market, and achieving more once you get there.

Identify and implement a regulatory strategy that delivers clearance or approval, and positions you for market success. Veranex gets you ready for launch with strategic pricing and value communication tools that accelerate adoption and boost hospital or payer acceptance.

Achieve commercial success that is built to last. Align global and local commercialization approaches for consistent and effective execution that accelerates adoption and positions your innovation to deliver clinical and economic impact that makes a difference.

Veranex brings deep experience in most clinical areas, from cardiovascular disease and women’s health to oncology and ophthalmology.

We also have expertise across the range of technologies deployed along the care continuum, from screening tests to therapeutic implants and monitoring devices.

Our experience helps you optimize your product development and commercialization road map based on a thorough understanding of the patient journey, stakeholder unmet needs, and clinical and economic impact.

Whether you need support for research, a clinical trial, or for regulatory clearance/approval and market access in key global markets, think Veranex. With offices on four continents staffed by leading designers and engineers, as well as market access, regulatory, quality, and clinical experts, we’ll help you demonstrate the value of your product efficiently and effectively.


At Veranex, we are focused on helping you develop solutions that transform patient care based on our deep understanding of how medical technologies converge to deliver real clinical and economic impact.